North Carolina Author, Travis D. Boothe, Releases New Urban Fiction Novel – “The Truth About Lies.”

The Truth About Lies by Travis D. Boothe

The Truth About Lies by Travis D. Boothe

Author, Travis D. Boothe is pleased to announce the release of his new urban fiction novel, The Truth About Lies.

Very common, especially in the African-American community, is the possibility of a father having several children, which his primary family knows nothing of. This secret life potentially creates problems of incest when these children reach maturity and ignorantly engage in sexual activity with one another. This taboo topic is more common than one would think, and so far, only one writer has been brave enough to tackle it.

Love and Darvin have been friends long before either boy could walk. Living together in the slums of Murfreesboro, North Carolina, the two boys have shared everything for as long as they could remember, including the secret of their budding romance. However, the secrets that the adults in their respectful families may be hiding from them may be enough to break the boys’ bond forever.

The Truth About Lies is available in both print and ebook format and

About The Author: 

Travis D. Boothe, a thirty-four-year-old writer from North Carolina, has been writing since the age of eight. He writes all genres, and has had many stories published, both under his real name and his pseudonym, Don Mika.

Author Name:: Travis D. Boothe
Author Website:
Book Title:: The Truth About Lies
ISBN:: 8-1493149506
Publisher:: Xlibris
Release Date:: December 2013
Category:: Fiction
Subcategory:: Urban Fiction