2013 ELit Bronze Metal Winner! “One Voice Raised: A Triumph over Rape” by Jennifer Wheatley Wolf, a 20 year cold-case solved!

One Voice Raised: A Triumph over Rape by Jennifer Wheatley Wolf

One Voice Raised: A Triumph over Rape by Jennifer Wheatley Wolf

“Look at me and I’ll kill you!” These are the words Jennifer Wheatley-Wolf heard as she entered her bedroom on the morning of August 21, 1988.

An unknown assailant had climbed onto the balcony and entered a sliding glass door. He crept down the stairs, entered her first floor bedroom, and waited for her in the dark. When she entered her bedroom preparing to go to bed, he grabbed her and pulled something tight around her throat.

Jennifer was sure her life was over. Assaulted and raped, Jennifer lived through every woman’s worst nightmare. Having never seen her assailant’s face, she was sure he would never be caught. She spent two decades wondering who and where he was, and when he would strike again.

Finding this rapist would take 20 years and the tireless efforts of an investigator who refused to let her case go unsolved.

Jennifer writes about her ordeal and the years of waiting for justice with the candor and fortitude that helped her survive. Chief Investigator David Cordle illuminates the process of assembling the puzzle pieces that led to the prosecution of one of his longest open cases.

Since publication of One Voice Raised, 2 more victims have been linked through DNA to serial rapist, William Joeseph Trice.

  • *May 31, 1987 in Montgomery County, Maryland.
  • *August, 1988 in Silver Springs, Maryland

“It brings peace of mind to Trice’s victims to know their attacker has been caught and convicted. The importance of entering cold-case evidence into the national data-base can not be stressed enough.”

About the Author:

No matter where life takes me, I seem to always have a camera in hand. I am an artist who loves to work in fabric,machine embroidery, photography and occasionally words.

Inspired by color, texture and the unexpected discoveries in the world around me, I hope to bring my vision of the world to life through my art.

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Author Name:: Jennifer Wheatley Wolf
Author Website:http://www.artgiftsetc.com/
Book Title:: One Voice Raised: A Triumph over Rape
ISBN:: 978-0615562476
Publisher:: CurrentTomepublishing.com
Release Date:: Nov.6, 2011