Florida author, Kyle Keyes, received great reviews for his novel – “Martin Swans Diary: Black Water Crossing.”

Martin Swans Diary: Black Water Crossing by Kyle Keyes

Martin Swans Diary: Black Water Crossing by Kyle Keyes

Martin Swan was not a terrorist, nor a truck driver. He only replied to the want-ad because the wording linked Florida with Washington DC and wanted someone who could speak Arabic. The year was 2008. Jobs were scarce, gas prices high. The back page ad called for a big rig driver with a clean record, who could be at Black Water Crossing the day before Halloween. As fate would have it, a quirky satellite blackout occurred before the government agent could complete the overseas agreement. A follow-up call led nowhere. Thus, the mid-east connection never fell victim to a federal communications dragnet – nor could Martin Swan detail the pending threat against Washington, or where the explosives would come ashore.

Praise for Martin Swans Diary:

“Kyle Keyes has once again shown us that he is a master at ‘letting the story tell itself’. Martin Swan’s Diary is a fun, fast-moving tale of one man’s efforts to stop a terrorist threat against the United States, while also trying to form a love affair with a woman that he at first deceives, and then pulls her in to act as a cover for him.” – M. A. Beghtel, Amazon.com Reviewer

“Martin Swan’s Diary: Black Water Crossing, by Kyle Keyes, is a page-turner full of adventure, comedy, and thrills mixed with a slew of audience-pleasing, action-packed scenes. The book has a distinctively cinematic feel and hits all the right notes when it comes to timing–the dramatic, funny, and exhilarating moments are interwoven beautifully.” – Mihir Shah, Amazon.com Reviewer

About The Author: 

Kyle Keyes is a retired breadman who now works as a church custodian in Parrish, Florida. He is a high school graduate with two years college. Keyes once wrote odd items for local newspapers. He is best known for a soda pop he named Six Up, and his yarn about a helium powered submarine that wouldn’t sink. It’s believed the Japs finally torpedoed it.

Mr. Keyes’ other books include: Quantum Roots (ISBN: 978-1478392675) and The Pandarus File (ISBN: 978-1449981556)

Author Name:: Kyle Keyes
Author Website:http://www.kylekeys.com
Book Title:: Martin Swans Diary: Black Water Crossing
ISBN:: 978-1456503796