How one brave soldier remembers the Vietnam War in “Call Me Sergeant Rock: How a Boy Becomes a Man in Vietnam” by Dan Rodgers.

Call Me Sergeant Rock: How a Boy Becomes a Man in Vietnam by Dan Rodgers

Call Me Sergeant Rock: How a Boy Becomes a Man in Vietnam by Dan Rodgers

“Sergeant Rock” evolves from a naïve, baseball-playing, church-going Christian and skinny little college kid to a hardcore, well-trained killing machine in Vietnam. Leaving California to take part in the Tet Offensive in 1968, he finds the cultural shock between the two overwhelming!

Thrust into war and killing, he finds his approach to life and death must change quickly, but he holds fast to his beliefs. Though he saves others, his attitude toward killing and death changes for the worse, while his approach toward life improves. Sgt. Rock is a much better person for the choices he makes. In the course of a single Tet Offensive battle, Sergeant Rock’s company loses all but 13 men, as 126 soldiers die in just two hours. His faith increases when he meets his guardian angel during the battle.

Sergeant Rock pushes his squad to their limits, because he knows that death may lie just beyond the next bush. He may be only 20, but he thinks like an old veteran. With the body count in his mind, he wonders if he can ever be around normal people again. He experiences many horrors, including watching a head being cut off the enemy. He also watches friend after friend die as heroes.

The hardships his squad must face, such as going without fresh water or clothes for 57 days, being shot down in a chopper, and just trying to stay alive are overwhelming. How much can our minds take before they crack? Sergeant Rock believes that it’s only through divine intervention that he is alive to tell his story.

CALL ME SERGEANT ROCK: HOW A BOY BECOMES A MAN IN VIETNAM (ISBN 978-1-62516-221-2 soft cover, $31; ISBN 978-1-62516-842-9 hard cover, $45.95) can be ordered through the publisher’s website or at

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Today, Dan Rodgers lives near Houston and is a writer as well as a race car and jet boat driver. His passions are writing and speed.

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Author Name:: Dan Rodgers
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Book Title:: Call Me Sergeant Rock: How a Boy Becomes a Man in Vietnam
ISBN:: 978-1-62516-221-2
Publisher:: Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co, LLC
Release Date:: 8/13/2013