“Together Again” by Cheryl Rogers is a Christian YA Romance  and lures history buffs with Abraham Lincoln historical fiction.

Together Again by Cheryl Rogers

Together Again by Cheryl Rogers

In a dream, a 17-year-old soon-to-be college history major overhears a strange conversation between Abraham Lincoln and God. Honest Abe tells God he shouldn’t be given all the credit for ending slavery and saving the Union.

” ‘It’s not like I singlehandedly put the nation back together again. I wasn’t even there anymore! I died!’ ” Lincoln exclaims.

The unusual dream provokes the 17-year-old named Abe to research the life of Lincoln, only to discover he and Lincoln have more in common than their first names: They both had sweethearts named Ann.

Lincoln lost his girl to typhoid fever; the modern Abe ditched his girl because he thought he’d end up marrying her at a young age.

In Together Again, a short Christian romance aimed at teens and history buffs, readers learn no one should serve as a wedge between God and man. And the modern Abe learns to cherish love when you find it, at any age.

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Author Name:: Cheryl Rogers
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Book Title:: Together Again
ISBN:: 9781301956685 (epub, Smashwords)
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