“The 5th Amulet” by S.J. Hailey now released in eBook and paperback format at amazon. 

The 5th Amulet by S.J. Hailey

The 5th Amulet by S.J. Hailey

The world is full of secrets.

Throughout history people have died to reveal or conceal them.

A group in South America have protected a secret device from recorded history. The myth of its existence brought Chinese treasure ships across an unexplored ocean.

Almost 600 years later two ships are found in explainable places. Both contain secrets that could change the world.

Explorer Jacob Mathias discovers a power that will lead him into conflict with governments and a mercenary General.

Ex-soldier Archer Mathias is on the run framed for murder. He discovers a plot to kill his father and anyone else who knows about a secret device. He races across a continent to intercept the threat to his estranged father.

The inevitable collision in a remote jungle could have devastating consequences for the world.

The ultimate power.

The ultimate price.

Is the 5th amulet the key to our salvation or destruction?

The 5th Amulet by SJ Hailey:

  • Interest in the book from 18 countries in the first 6 weeks of release. (source facebook)
  • Reached #2 in UK Action & Adventure chart for Kindle, #19 in US chart and #30 in Germany in the same weekend during November.
  • Has continually remained in the top 100 Men’s Adventure list at time of press release.
  • This is for an independent author with no publicity machine to support or promote him.
  • “I have never given up on a dream, no one should.” SJ Hailey.

About the author:

I am inspired by Andy McDermott, Matthew Reilly, Clive Cussler and Duncan Falconer.

I have been telling stories for as long as I can remember. In early life they varied in content from humorous to factual or slightly scandalous. What I remember most is the joy of telling a story, entertaining someone or conveying new knowledge.I discovered this is the passion that drives me to write.

I grew up in Sherwood Forest playing Robin Hood with real bows and arrows, inspired by the legend. I think these stories or myths inspired me to write at an early age, but it took me quite some time to realize this.

I recall a happy childhood full of discovery and adventure, which I embrace now I am old enough to appreciate the great start in life I received. Before internet and online gaming, I lived outside come rain, snow or shine. I still love the outdoors and I am fortunate enough to live with a mountain range on one side, and the sea on the other. With the vitality to enjoy both.

Like many people I have had a variety of jobs, events and life experiences, which have enriched and sometimes entangled my life. I use this crucible of experience to enhance and inspire my stories.

I hope you enjoy my first novel. There are many more to follow. Let me know what you think.

As experienced by many writers, a level of rejection is to be expected in mainstream publishing. I consider this a learning experience, to adapt, overcome and carry on.

Since I began my writing journey I have grown as a person and writer. From the feedback and downloads of the Kindle book, I would say the public agree. Every aspect of the book from marketing, publicity, research, design and editing is my work. I have to do all these tasks, even taking the photos which are on the covers. I do all this because I just love it, the passion drives me, despite all the hurdles that life throws in the way.

Author Name:: SJ Hailey
Author Website:: http:// www.facebook.com/sjhaileyauthor
Book Title:: The 5th Amulet
ISBN:: 1479298587
Publisher:: SJ Hailey