Mitch Bensel delivers a paranormal novel of mystery and suspense in “Wishes of Seven”

Wishes of Seven by Mitch Bensel

Wishes of Seven by Mitch Bensel

A paranormal novel of mystery and suspense. A small town becomes the setting of a spiritual battle between Kieran, a local artist, and the epitome of evil. When an ancient artifact is delivered to the town that contains infinite power to the holder. That power can be of good or bad, the holder has the choice. The twists of love and sex with violence keeps the reader on the edge of their seat. A truly ‘cannot put down’ adventure.

About the author:

Mitch worked in the medical field as an EMT and ED tech for over fifteen years. Mitch also taught martial arts for thirty years, and has given self empowerment and self-defense presentations to schools and businesses. An avid cyclist and lover of the oceans and creator of jewelry from rocks and rings from quarters, Mitch enjoys the little things in life which in reality are the big things. Whether it is the writing of a new novel or a short book of poems, Mitch enjoys the feel of the words falling onto the page. Words are powerful.

“If I can help one person with any of my writings then I have accomplished a wonderful thing.” Mitch Bensel

Author Name:: Mitch Bensel
Book Title:: Wishes of Seven
ISBN:: 978-1-257-11571-6
Release Date:: February 21, 2012