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Atlanta, GA – DesktopEpics Entertainment, the originator of independent online media since 2003, has yet again produced another winning concept far and away from their original business model; showcasing just how diverse and original DesktopEpics’ can be:, a graphic design company catering to small publishers and the self-published. was originally designed to be the absolute portal for all things book covers and the models that were shown on them. However, by early 2011, owner and artist Corey Aaron Burkes had a dilemma:

“I did what was equivalent to a casting call for models who wanted to be on book covers. The idea was to bring interested models on the site, and be the middle source to publishers seeking new models specifically for covers. However, I was flooded by every person who thought they could model. After awhile, I felt like a ‘pimp’! That just wasn’t the business model for a graphic design company.”

Undaunted, Burkes reinvented the Book Cover Model concept to a basic book cover graphic design company with the added understanding of the market:

“Everyone is publishing a book. It’s crazy! Back in my day, when it was called ‘desktop publishing’, either you writing a book and preparing to submit it to a major publisher and start building your war wounds; filled with rejection notices. Or you spent about $1,000 or more at a traditional printer attempting to print one (1) book. These days, with the advent of Iuniverse,, Lightning Source and all the rest, you can think of a story Friday, type it up Saturday, submit it Monday and and have a solid copy of your first book, with ground shipping, by Tuesday the latest. All for just about $9-$12 per book. While that has changed the landscape of getting published … I had to ask … whose doing all those covers?”

At His Feet a Book Cover by a division of DesktopEpics Entertainment
At His Feet a Book Cover by a division of DesktopEpics Entertainment, according to Burkes, follows a WalMart principal: lower price, more customers, quality service. Through computer digital design, develops 3D characters with a strikingly remarkable realness compared to other 3D characters found on novels.

“I got into developing 3D characters when I was published in 2007 with my first book. I asked the artist for a city skyline wide shot with a Black woman looking toward the city. So, I gave all sorts of reference shots of hips, body and what I wanted this woman to look like. Suffice to say, what I got back did not inspire me to fall in love with my cover. In fact, I didn’t even think the character looked Black! So I ditched the woman on the cover and kept the city scene. The novel did very well considering. But ever since then I swore I could do better and spent those years tinkering with the software and studying tutorials. and here I am. I am not even CLOSE to the greatest 3D artists out there, but I can assure you if you are looking for a sexy Black woman or Asian male or Hispanic female for your cover, I damn well will provide someone who looks and feels the part, I can tell you that!”

With an emphasis on ethnicity, offers a wide arrange of characters to be developed, only hampered by the imagination. The fact that Burkes develops a wide array of ethnic characters is also a note in originality as ethnic 3D characters are far and few between:

“Don’t ask me why,” said Burkes. “Maybe its faster to just develop the pink skin tones common in most CGI these days. I’ve seen a lot of attempts at texturing people of color and either they look like chocolate bars or they look like zombies. I’m proud that I worked hard to get the right epidermal tones and lighting to make a viewer feel comfortable with what they are looking at.”

All book covers start at $85 and pricing increases as the complexity of the cover increases. When asked if he ever had a $200 cover to produce, Corey Burkes answered … “No. Not yet. And I had and HAVE a lot of clients. Going on about 3 new clients a week. Not bad for something I didn’t aspire to want to do in life. Now I’m just having a lot of fun. Look, I can stick people with huge prices for a book cover and complain that my time requires me to charge $200 or more for my work … but I’m not there yet. Right now, I’m in a whole new discovery of this talent and I’m sincerely enjoying myself. Each cover is a new challenge to me and I’m building a skill with each cover as well. I love it and I’m within a stones throw of making a character so real you won’t know the difference. It can be done … I’ve seen it done by the masters out there. I’m slowly creeping up to getting my shot at being called a master and I look forward to that. Meanwhile, my clients reap the benefits of highly detailed and cared for art for their book cover within their budget.” is a division of DesktopEpics Entertainment – Stories You Can Feel.