From sleeping with teachers, married women, and other cougars and milfs, young college student exposes all secrets in his latest book titled: Young Lions Cougars and MILFs Exposed: The Young Man’s Seductive Guide To Getting Older Women

New Nonfiction 100+ Page Book Titled:
Young Lions Cougars and Milfs Exposed: The Young Man’s Seductive Guide To Getting Older Women! By:Stefan Johnson- America’s Intelligent Pretty Boy
ISBN-13: 978-1456400545
ISBN-10: 1456400541
BISAC: Psychology / Human Sexuality
Published on December. 4, 2010.
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Almost every young American guy has dreamed or fantasized about sleeping with older women. Whether it be teachers, mom’s friends, friends’ moms, older guy’s wives, strippers, celebrities, and other cougars and milfs, it is a fact that they all lurk in the fantasies of young men. The real questions to be asked is: “How can this fantasy become an everyday reality? Is this possible?”

Cougars and milfs exist today and are searching and waiting for young men to pick them up. Not only are they searching, but they can be easily seduced with the strategies outlined within the NON-Fiction 100+page book titled Young Lions Cougars and Milfs Exposed. The Young Man’s Seductive Guide To Getting Older Women is a true story guide which reveals the secrets every young man must get familiar with in order to not only get older women with ease, but to have women of all ages chase you!

This young author and recording artist shares his REAL LIFE sexual experiences with married women who have children older than him, exotic models, strippers, cougars, milfs, professors, realtors, supposedly faithful girlfriends, and many more in order to introduce you to and educate you on the ways of the Young Lion Seducers. Every young American guy’s fantasy is an everyday reality for this new breed of young men who master new and improved seductive strategies and are chased by women of all ages. Welcome to the secret jungle where the wildest and sexiest animals on the Earth roam. Welcome to the world of the Young Lion Seducers.

Here is what readers have to say!

Jasmine, “A true page turner! I was so into it I read it in 1 night. You can learn a lot from this book if you turn your inhibitions off. And I am a female! He respects women and teaches men how to treat them.”

Jessica, “The book is tight. The author is a freak, but there’s a lot to learn in it. Keep it up Stef!”